Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop 52 Denver - Fourteen: {Talulah Jones}

Hello and welcome to the next installment of Shop 52 Denver! Today we're visiting a totally ADORABLE shop with a super cute name, Talulah Jones! (I happen to know a certain someone who will be completely giddy over that name *wink*!)

This shop is absolutely magical---filled with gorgeous colors, textures and patterns! And the staff are so incredibly warm and friendly!!!

There is so much to see in this charming shop---I could have spent hours just browsing around (literally)!! I can't wait to visit again and look some more!

The items for sale in the shop are displayed so beautifully. It's the perfect place to find unique and special gifts for friends and family. Here, you can find jewelry, accessories, stationery, candles, home decor items, books, and artwork. Talulah Jones carries an impressive assortment of handmade goods and artwork by local artitsts, too, which I think is totally awesome!!! Hooray for supporting local artists!!!

 These mixed media pieces are made locally!!

The ribbon in the prize package I gave away last week was from Talulah Jones! They have so many ribbons to choose from ranging in style from whimsical, to trendy, to elegant, to funky!

If you've been following my Shop 52 posts, then you already know I LOVE decorative pillows!!! Look at these beauties!! Ahhh....

And check out the kids' room!! WOW! I know some kiddos who would have a blast hanging out here!!! Talulah Jones sells lots of goodies for children including the most ADORABLE clothes, shoes, and hats I have EVER seen, books, toys, stuffed animals, and room decor!!!

These handmade banners melt my heart!

And an old tub filled with balls, books, and stuffed animals! WOAH!! What a super fun display!!!

And look at this beautiful artwork! So perfect for a nursery, playroom or child's bedroom!

Talulah Jones is truly an inspiring place...one that I will return to again and again!!! I hope you enjoyed our little tour and will visit the shop if you're ever in the neighborhood!! If not, maybe this virtual visit will inspire you to create something wonderful today or someday in the near future!!!

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Brandi said...

Cute! I can see what you mean about going back to check it out even more. There seems like there are so many different knick-knacks that you could spend all day there! Cute store.

Karen B. said...

So many trendy finds in that shop, love that banner!

Unknown said...

Such cute stuff! I know, I always complain, but Vegas lacks cute stores like this. Thanks for sharing with us!

~Tammy~ said...

What a fun assortment of finds! Love that they support local artist! Okay...love the banners and that adorable chandelier! TFS!

The Great Pumpkin said...

Aaaaah! LOVE this place! Can't wait to take Lu there someday! She actually has ONE item of clothing from this shop that was sent from a friend. It's appropriately one of her favorite onesies. So glad you got to go check it out!

Tenia Nelson said...

This is my high school neighborhood and this store has been around for a great while!!! I love it!!! I have been in the store a few times.....it is awesome!!!!